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Subaru Crosstrek vs. Outback: Which Is Right For Me

Both Subaru Crosstrek and Subaru Outback are great vehicles and offer customers incredible safety and value for their investment. Choosing which Subaru to purchase can be difficult. Here are similarities and differences in both models:

Vehicle Details: Crosstrek vs. Outback

Both cars are made to serve specific distinctive purposes. They offer buyers efficiency afforded by cars made for daily use and combines such efficiency with power and maneuverability offered by SUVs. These vehicles take a framing structure similar to that of a car more than a truck. Both models offer its users a vehicle easier to drive around like a car, with great power of an SUV. Their size offers its owners parking advantages because they require less packing space as oversized SUVs.

The outback is a bulkier vehicle than the Crosstrek; it is also slightly taller, wider and longer than the Crosstrek. With such dimension, the outback has larger interior cargo space than Crosstrek’s at 71.3 cubic feet vs. 51.8 cubic feet for the Crosstrek. Nevertheless both vehicles offer a seating capacity for 5 passengers. Both vehicles offer great advantages for adventure trips as well.

Features, performance, technology & safety

The Subaru Outback has more storage capacity than the Crosstrek based on its size advantages, but Crosstrek offers more options than the outback, but all the same outback is equipped with many features including full power accessories, and Bluetooth features. The premium model of Outback offers heated mirrors, wiper de-icer, fog lights, heated front seats, all power and nine speaker audio for quality sound system.

The XV Crosstrek series is loaded with the following systems:  alloy wheels, roof rails, complete power accessories six speaker system audio, heated mirrors, auto headlights and climate controls, leader seats. The hybrid version is equipped with drive train for improved fuel efficiency.

Other notable features of the Crosstrek includes chrome door handles, power steering, grille shutters, retractable side view mirrors, a keyless ignition system, and much more. Both models have great safety standard features and have great performance records as well. The XV Crosstrek has 2.0 cylinder engine with 148 horse power while the Outback has more powerful engine with 2.5 liters and 173 horsepower capacity

Advantages of purchasing these models

There is no doubt that will all these features and options, an investment on any of these models is indeed a great step for you and your family. With excellent energy saving capabilities combined with safety, buying one of these models offers excellent benefits for the purchaser.

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