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3 Reasons to Expand Your Fleet Vehicle Lineup

Whether you run a taxi company, a delivery service, or any other business that requires the use of company fleet vehicles, it's important to ensure that you have enough vehicles in your fleet to maximize your performance. Now is a good time to assess your current fleet and consider expanding it.

Here at RK Auto, we have a wide selection of commercial vehicles, including the popular Chevrolet Silverado 3500 and Chevrolet cutaway van. Explore top reasons for expanding your fleet lineup:

Reason #1: You Save Money

Some companies subscribe to the notion that fleet vehicles should only be replaced as needed (in other words, when their current fleet vehicles are beyond repair). However, by only replacing fleet vehicles in small increments, you're not getting savings you could be by purchasing fleet vehicles in bulk.

RK Auto has a dedicated fleet sales team that can help you with your fleet vehicle leasing and buying needs, making sure that you get the absolute best deals on all fleet and commercial vehicles.

Reason #2: Ability to Expand Your Business

No matter what industry you're in that requires the use of fleet vehicles, expanding your lineup is a great way to increase your business. Right now, the amount of business you're able to take on at once could be limited by the number of vehicles in your fleet. As a result, you could be losing money and missing out on potential opportunities.

By expanding the number of new work trucks in your fleet, you can take on more jobs, increase your profits, and gain an improved reputation for efficient service. No matter what your commercial vehicle leasing or buying needs may be, we've got you covered with our wide vehicle selection.

Reason #3: Branding Your Business

When you provide your employees with branded fleet vehicles rather than requiring them to use their personal vehicles, you keep employees happy while also advertising your business with each service call. Utilizing branded fleet vehicles custom to your business will help keep your brand current with customers.

Whether you're looking for a new Chevrolet truck, or new Chevrolet Cutaway work vans, we've got you covered here at RK Auto. Stop by today to browse our inventory; our experienced fleet and commercial sales staff are happy to help you select the fleet vehicles to best meet your business needs.

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