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The top new and used car dealer in Virginia also provides expert leasing solutions tailored to your business.

Now, getting commercial leases on new or reliable used cars for your business is easy. Stay ahead of changes in leasing by choosing RK Auto Group, the top new and used car dealer in Virginia. Our leasing experts will help you select from new and reliable used cars, and secure a low monthly payment.

Leasing new, used or certified used cars saves time, money - choosing RK Auto Group gives you more options.

Stay focused on your business: let our leasing experts create your custom commercial leasing solutions. Talk with one of our leasing experts and start enjoying these benefits today:

  1. Lower monthly payments: Pay only for the portion of new, used or certified used cars, trucks or vans you actually use (30% to 60% lower than purchase price).
  2. Get into a new car, truck, van or commercial vehicle more often: every two to four years, depending on term length.
  3. No maintenance: Lease for a term that coincides with the length, in months, of the manufacturer's warranty coverage so that maintenance is always covered.
  4. More choices at lease end: return your vehicle, buy it or trade it in.
  5. Leasing/finance experts who will create a smart, economical, custom program for your business.

Your trucks and vans become ideal work tools when outfitted with commercial vehicle accessories.

Not every used car dealer in Virginia is able to provide and install commercial vehicle accessories. RK Auto Group is your outfitter, offering truck and van accessories, upgrades and body uplifts to perfectly equip your vehicles. Ask one of our leasing consultants how we can outfit yours.

Keep your business on the road to success with the most flexible lease programs on affordable new, and reliable used cars, commercial trucks and vans.

To speak with one of our commercial leasing experts, call Steve Mills at 757-431-6548 or e-mail stevemills@rkautogroup.net. Learn more about the advantages of leasing new or reliable used cars for your business. Also visit RK Fleet and RK Leasing/Commercial Vehicles. RK Auto Group is the new and used car dealer in Virginia that makes leasing for your business a breeze.

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