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Careers at RK Auto

Careers at RK Auto Group

RK has been handing out career opportunities since 1964, and assisting with the growth of the local economy through large volumes in automobile sales. Currently, we house and employ nearly 250 employees throughout the various entities that make up RK Auto Group, many of these employees have been with us for decades.  

When you’re employed with RK, you’re adopted into the family. We at RK care for one another like brothers and sisters; uplifting each other, and help each other achieve one goal: success. We’ll provide you with the necessary tools to make your dream career happen here at RK. We have many departments that make up the entire entity that RK Auto is, and there are endless opportunities in various fields throughout our company. So, whether you want to crunch numbers, fix a vehicle, photograph our inventory, or be our forefront sales team, there are endless possibilities to make a long-lasting career here at RK.

RK Reputation

The reputation RK holds and continues to hold is nothing below Truly Exceptional in all that we do, whether it be a sale of a new or used vehicle, servicing of a vehicle in our service lanes, or a repair job in our Paint & Body shop. Customer satisfaction is one of our biggest priorities, so we do the job right the first time. Our reputation doesn’t just extend to the customer service we deliver to our clientele, but also the working environment we supply to our staff. At RK, not only will you be working with other amazing people, but you’ll be working in a business with ethics and integrity, something not often found in today’s businesses!

RK Management

Our owners and operators are onsite to answer questions directly, being closely involved in the process of daily operations. The staff we hire in our Sales, Service, and Support management positions are the trustworthy, kind, and utmost down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. We have a low turnover when it comes to management positions simply because we know the importance of dedication in our upper staffing.

RK Values

RK is a consistent major contributor of funds and resources throughout our community. We support our local businesses and organizations in harmony with the people who have helped make RK who we are today. We contribute largely and often, making an impact in our local community. The RK family has built relationships with the local community, military, public schools, colleges, recreational leagues, non-profits, and social service organizations.

RK Team

We operate as a team always, never anything less, because teamwork makes the dream work. Our dream and daily goal is to be successful in all operations, from our vehicle sale, to the backend office work; we aim to have a seamless operation, which is only possible with a good team. If you believe you’re a good fit to be part of the ever-growing team of RK Auto, click below to find your career path. 
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